Bruder Toys Scania Cattle Truck Bruder 03549

Bruder Toys Scania Cattle Truck Bruder 03549

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Bruder Toys MAN Cattle Truck

The Cattle Wagon is another Scania Truck from Bruder Toys and comes complete with a Bruder Cow inside. The Side door opens and closes whilst the rear door lifts up and down to allow the cattle access. Inside the trailer drinking troughs hook on to walls to keep your livestock quenched. Don't forget to add a set of flashing beacons (sold separately) so that your truck stands out from all the other kids' farm vehicles.

One Bruder Cow is included. Colours vary

Fold out support legs. Containers can be interchanged and combined.

Side folding ramps. Folding separating gates inside the container.

Detachable container body. Profiled tyres

Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS

Bruder 03549

Scale 1:16